45% of all breaches involve compromised identity credentials

Crosswire's ITDR solution continuously monitors for suspicious activity, stops any lateral movement from attackers, and empowers security teams to respond quickly.

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We automatically detect multiple identity-security threats and flag them to your team.

Detect known TTPs and behavioral-based threats

Continuously monitor workforce identities to detect identity-related threats and promptly alert security teams with minimal noise

Promptly investigate threats with contextual information

Uncover comprehensive threat details, related events, user insights, and Okta logs to make informed decisions

Step-by-step recommendations to resolve threats

Rapidly respond to incidents with auto-remediation tools, and drill into threat details for step-by-step remediation actions

Why do you need Crosswire on top of Okta?

Okta is fundamentally an IT tool, designed to streamline employee access to applications and reduce the need for multiple passwords. However, it is not a security tool. For example, Okta has very little security built into its session cookies. Okta session cookies are not bound to machines, resulting in attackers exploiting stolen session cookies to access corporate resources without triggering EDR. Other common attacks such as SAML golden ticket attacks or admin privilege escalation are also similarly ignored by Okta.

We have outlined below the key distinctions between the protective measures of Okta and the enhanced security provisions offered by Crosswire. For a comprehensive insight into this domain, we invite you to contact us with your queries and refer to our ITDR guide for an in-depth understanding of the broader landscape.
Unlike Okta and Azure AD IDPs, Crosswire is a security tool that detects the following threats: location-based threats, device-based threats, access persistence, privilege escalation, reconnaissance, security misconfiguration, and session hijacking

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