Be in the know with contextual alerting

Get high priority alerts and actionable insights without the noise to empower your team to respond effectively

intelligent alerting

Stay informed about security risks via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams

Get real-time, contextual threat alerts sent straight to your inbox or collaboration platform of choice with our intelligent alerting system
Time-restricted access enabling admins to set when access should be revoked once granted
notifications without the noise

Empower your security team with the right context and minimal noise

Our system prioritizes and contextualizes each alert, reducing false positives and delivering only the most relevant information to your team
Set custom eligibility criteria for who can request access to apps

Integrate with SIEM and SOAR

Integrate with your SIEM and SOAR to streamline your incident management process and have a more comprehensive view when alerted of potential threats
Should access be auto-provisioned for eligible employees? Are employees required to submit an access request? Who is required to approve access requests?

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