Strengthen your identity security score

Monitor risks, reduce security debt, and collaborate with your team on a single platform

Risk monitoring

Benchmark your identity security posture

Perform security scanning on your IdP to understand existing risks. Find unused API keys, broad exceptions to 2FA policies, accounts out of sync with HRIS, and more static identity risks. Receive actionable insight with one-click remediation to improve your identity security score.
Step-up protection highlighting that Allegra hasn't accessed AWS in over 90 days and typically doesn't need access for her role
security confidence

Harden your IdP with ease

As organizations scale, reducing security debt becomes a daunting task. With Crosswire, you can launch new security requirements confidently with tiered policy rollout. Automatically enroll a subdivision or cross-section of your company into hardened security policies, Crosswire threat auto-remediations, or native IdP security controls. Measure threat reduction and demonstrate value to stakeholders and end users.
Continuous monitoring for identity related threats
all-in-one collaboration platform

Collaborate with your identity stakeholders

Identity is a team sport. Bring your IT and security stakeholders together on a single platform to control security policy rollout, review exceptions, and reduce false positives and help desk tickets. You can even reach out to your end users and educate them on policy pilots affecting them. All within one platform.
Okta session details showing apps accessed during that session

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