Proactively identify and mitigate security threats

Continuously scan for identity security threats and identify, contain, and resolve issues with assurance

Threat detection

Detect novel identity threats

Attackers get smarter every day, and identity attacks become more convoluted. Crosswire's AI threat model monitors for identity security threats in your environment, alerting you in seconds. Our model sees hundreds of thousands of authentication events daily and learns the latest lateral movements, persistence, and privileged escalation tactics.
Step-up protection highlighting that Allegra hasn't accessed AWS in over 90 days and typically doesn't need access for her role
Swift remediation

Don’t wait for your SOC. Neutralize threats in action.

For every threat identified, our remediation system works to mitigate its impact. We evaluate access to sensitive resources dynamically and challenge users with verifications to mitigate specific risk factors. Crosswire can also automatically communicate with your user to gather information and triage or dismiss incidents. Before your SOC analyst arrives on scene, Crosswire got it covered.
Continuous monitoring for identity related threats
laser focus

Incident responder’s swiss knife

Stop going through dozens of systems to piece together the story. Crosswire is your single dashboard needed to collect identity-related forensics data. With a single ⌘+K, get the full picture of the user’s authentication patterns, directory information, OAuth grants, and more. In incident response situations, time is of the essence. Make confident decisions faster with Crosswire.
Okta session details showing apps accessed during that session
Comprehensive integrations

Provide insight across your stack

Seamlessly integrate with your SIEM & SOAR solutions, and export insights to enhance your auditing and analysis process. Dive into security event logs, user behavior, and access patterns to proactively strengthen your organization's security framework and stay ahead of emerging threats.
Continuous monitoring for identity related threats

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