Investigate security threats with actionable insights

Drill into threat details, critical user information, and related event logs and view in-line remediation recommendations.


Empower your security team with the right context and minimal noise

Our system prioritizes and contextualizes each alert, reducing false positives and delivering only the most relevant information to your team
Step-up protection highlighting that Allegra hasn't accessed AWS in over 90 days and typically doesn't need access for her role
contextual threat details

Drill into threat details to view insights and understand impact

View information around threat type, level of risk, event logs, and recommended actions to make informed decisions
Continuous monitoring for identity related threats
User-centric view

Keep an eye on users and investigate incident-related events

With our 360 security view of each user, you can easily monitor user activity and investigate related user events
Okta session details showing apps accessed during that session

Integrate with SIEM and SOAR

Integrate with your SIEM and SOAR to streamline your incident management process and have a comprehensive view of threats
Continuous monitoring for identity related threats

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