Reduce manual workload and improve collaboration

Automate security processes, optimize policy rollouts, and keep an eye on configuration drift over time


Reduce help desk ticket load

Crosswire’s security model prioritizes self-service over contacting admins. For security policy violations resulting in access denial, Crosswire automatically suggests self-serve remediation steps to unblock users. End users resume access faster while IT and security teams can enjoy reduced manual workload.
Step-up protection highlighting that Allegra hasn't accessed AWS in over 90 days and typically doesn't need access for her role
easy policy implementation

Roll out security policies confidently

Don’t lock your CEO out with a universal 2FA rollout. Confidently support identity security policy rollouts by automatically enrolling users over time. Educate your end user about new security policies directly in your Crosswire dashboard.
Continuous monitoring for identity related threats
Outage prevention

Monitor configuration drifts in complex IdP environments

Prevent outages by receiving alerts on critical configuration drifts. Perform one-click rollback to security policies and mass communicate to your users to keep them informed of changes and reduce the risk of disruption. Collaborate with your security team on complex changes and maintain a single source of truth.
Okta session details showing apps accessed during that session

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